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What is syndicated content (RSS)?
Syndicated content, otherwise known as Really Simple Syndication (RSS), is a popular way to distribute information from websites. Using RSS, a podcaster, news site, or blog can feed information or media files to a group of subscribers automatically. There are thousands of RSS sources, and you can find those sources all over the world.

What is a Podcast and Podcatcher?
A Podcast is a multimedia subscription service that delivers audio and video files. A software program, called a desktop aggregator or "Podcatcher", regularly checks the RSS "feeds" that you subscribe to and downloads available MP3 files for on-demand playback. It also synchronizes your desktop media player installed on your PC with your portable media player.


Vcall IR Podcasts - Portable Research:
Downloading Vcall IR podcasts to your portable media player gives you the flexibility to listen to the events you want to on your schedule!

Download Vcall Podcasts directly from the Investor Calendar page or have them delivered to your desktop and media player automatically through our sectored RSS feeds. Leverage technology and access the information you need whenever you need it.

How do I listen to a Vcall Podcast / How do I find a Podcatcher?
Vcall Podcasts can be played on any MP3 player. Vcall Podcasts will work with any "desktop aggregator" or "Podcatcher" which are generally free. Examples include:

Podcasts Sectored by Industry:
Vcall Sectored IR Podcasts are designed for targeted delivery so you get only the information you want. A software program, called a Desktop Aggregator or "podcatcher", regularly checks the Vcall RSS feeds that you subscribe to and downloads any events that are in the sectors you are interested in.

RSS and Podcasting Resources:

Podcast RSS Feeds

Subscribe to the Entire Podcast Series: [XML]
To subscribe to the entire podcast series, paste the above link into your podcatcher.

Subscribe to a specific Sector:
To subscribe to a specific podcast sector, click here.

Don't have a podcatcher yet?
Click on one of the links on left under How do I listen to a Vcall Podcast / How do I find a Podcatcher? You'll be able to down load a free version to your computer.

 Recent Podcasts
Genomma LabThird Quarter 2014 Earnings Call  Oct 24, 2014 
@ 12:10 pm 
0:46:3116kbps mp3
Washington REITThird Quarter 2014 Earnings Conference Call Oct 24, 2014 
@ 11:10 am 
0:51:4116kbps mp3
Socket Mobile, Inc Third Quarter 2014 Management Conference Call Oct 23, 2014 
@ 5:10 pm 
0:44:1416kbps mp3
Westmoreland CoalThird Quarter 2014 Investor Conference Call Oct 23, 2014 
@ 10:10 am 
0:38:2716kbps mp3
Materion CorporationThird Quarter 2014 Earnings Conference Call Oct 23, 2014 
@ 9:10 am 
0:50:0716kbps mp3
Ramco-Gershenson Properties TrustThird Quarter 2014 Earnings Call Oct 22, 2014 
@ 9:10 am 
0:41:4716kbps mp3
Astec Industries IncThird Quarter 2014 Earnings Call Oct 21, 2014 
@ 10:10 am 
1:08:4116kbps mp3
Kansas City SouthernThird Quarter 2014 Earnings Release Call Oct 17, 2014 
@ 8:10 am 
1:01:4616kbps mp3
Stanley Furniture Company2014 Third Quarter Earnings Release Oct 14, 2014 
@ 9:10 am 
0:21:5616kbps mp3
RDX TechnologiesRDX Technologies Business Update Call Oct 9, 2014 
@ 10:10 am 
1:18:2116kbps mp3

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